Speed, Quality, Volume and Integrity
Our mission is to build client and candidate loyalty by being the most effective consultancy in the area’s that we work.

The Inforom executive search team follow the following set of principles to ensure our services remain market leading.

Be Honest: Give honest feedback to both clients and candidates

Be Brave: Ask the hard questions and walk away when necessary

Be Informed: Know everything that is happening in your market

Be Patient: Build long lasting trusted relationships across candidates and clients

Be Loyal: Always follow the clients HR Processes – Never break them

Be On Time: Deliver on your promises, on time, or earlier

Be Responsible: Only work positions you can deliver

Be Forthcoming: Always keep Candidates & Clients updated

Be Thorough: Never work without a detailed brief or a reference

Be Proud: Every CV that goes out carry’s our name not just the candidates.

Be Happy: Enjoy your work

Be Known: Make sure everyone in your market knows who you are