Inforom is run by our people, for our people
We have succeeded in growing a fun loving hard working team mentality that embraces individual talent and rewards high achievers.

We know that if you don’t look after and reward the best people at the rate they want to grow, then they will leave. Our desire is to attract the best of the best, and keep them by developing them and rewarding them at the pace they want to grow.

That is why everyone through the door has the same opportunity, quite unique in the recruitment industry – we offer the ability to gain experience all the way through to setting up, growing and managing your own business and profit centre, within the group.

Current Vacancies

Our internal development model is to train people in the UK to ensure they learn our processes and buy in to our culture and then ship them overseas. We are currently looking for specialist consultants people that want to embark on a 6 – 12 month training programme with a willingness and desire to move overseas to either Dubai, San Francisco, Tokyo, Sydney, San Paulo, Hong Kong or Shanghai.

Inforoms Inter-preneurs Programme TM

Is designed to train hard working determined entrepreneurial people with great natural ability from zero to hero as quickly as they can achieve it. Our structured training programme will take you through the entire steps you will need to progress through from our entry level Specialist Consultant to business owner within the group as quickly as you can achieve it.

Stage 1 – Specialist Researcher

Becoming experienced in Executive Search is not easy, it takes dedication and discipline, but when achieved you will become one of the most well-known and respected individuals in your field.

Stage 2 – Specialist Advisor

Now you have the knowledge, network, discipline and technical understanding of your niche area, as well as the ability to understand candidate and client needs, you can start to manage one-to-one client relationships, as well as having the ability to bring new clients to the team. The stabilizers are off!

Stage 3 – Business Unit Director

Now its time to learn how to run a business under the wing of ones of our Managing Directors. Managing and developing teams, budgets and senior client relationships you will have the ability to drive your own business unit forward at a quality controlled pace.

Stage 4 – Managing Director

We believe that Niche is best, so when you have successfully built a team of specialist advisers in your niche area, and mastered the commercial and risk management techniques we will teach you, we will offer you the opportunity to set up a new company within the group. As Managing Director of a company you will become a driving force in the group with a significant equity stake.

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