Deep industry knowledge, providing market leading results.
Our team of ex industry technical experts are supported by a team of professional networkers that enable us to find, correctly assess and reference candidates across the globe.

Inforom’s unique approach to executive search combines the skills of professional networkers with deep ex industry professionals to provide a high quality service with market leading success ratios.

  • Each of our niche areas has a combination of high energy executive search networkers, backed by highly qualified ex industry professionals.
  • Inforom’s ex-industry professionals are able to fully understand our client’s requirements and then qualify every candidate prior to them being presenting to our clients.
  • Inforom’s specialist research team are deeply trained on only one niche skillset and each of them target every individual in their region register them with us, map out their entire team so when we have a requirement we are likely to are likely to already know the suitable candidates.

How we do it

Our processes are designed to deliver quick and effective market leading search services. When we have taken a detailed briefing from all stakeholders we:

We Do

  • Agree a search strategy
  • Agree a list of companies to target
  • Target companies and document how they operate and how they are structured
  • Discreetly identify and approach the best talent in each target company.
  • Technically assess each candidate using our (or yours) unique processes, behavioral intelligence, psychometric profiling
    and internal technical specialists
  • Identify under what circumstances they would join your company and convince them to talk to you.
  • Help you through the process ensuring you have all the information you need to attract them.
  • Stay in touch with them after you hire them and feedback any growing concerns or issues.

We Don’t

  • Use job adverts
  • Search for CV’s on job boards or professional networking sites.
  • Spam you with CV’s and expect you to do the work